General Meeting 2014

Howdy Walnuts,

We’ll hold our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, March 13th at 6:30 P.M at the Milwood Library. Our three member board holds one year terms and our election will be held then. If you have an interest in running please let us know.

You should renew your $12 yearly dues via Paypal before the meeting if feasible. We’ll still accept cash, checks and credit cards the night of, but please arrive early. Reminder, only dues paying members can vote.

2013 was a crazy year, yet we still held a successful Independence Day, National Night Out, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Halloween Food Drive and our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to all our volunteers!

There are a lot of things that WXNA did in 2103 that are not at the forefront of folks minds, We;

1. Successfully influenced the Independent Citizens Redistricting Council to include Walnut Crossing in Council District 7, where we’ll have better representation and inclusion with neighborhoods of more common interests.

2. Lobbied City Council regarding the Northern Walnut Creek Trail, which spearheaded us into having a voice to work with the Public Works Department in redesigning the trail in Balcones Park.

3. Our Garden Committee Chair, Sabrina Joplin, with the initial support and backing of WXNA, pioneered the Adelphi Acre Community Garden. This was not a WXNA effort, but never would have progressed without WXNA members. Congratulations to Sabrina, Mary, Debbie and the rest of their great team of volunteers for creating a model for others to follow.

Moving on in 2014; we still need a sidewalk on Adelphi, but the bureaucratic obstacles and lack of funding are strong. Waters Park Apartments might not feel a civic duty to help, but they might have an economic incentive.

There’s always been discussion in the past about things folks would like to start doing or continue doing, so if you have any suggestions or would like to get something going, please let the board know.

Lastly, please encourage your neighbors and new Walnuts to join the google group and follow us on facebook.


WXNA Board