Weirdo’s Conditional Use Permit

The neighborhood has been notified by the City of Austin that Weirdos has filed an application for a conditional use permit. They are requesting an approval for a cocktail lounge and outdoor entertainment use. This application is being considered by the Zoning and Platting Commission on Tuesday, March 6th 6pm at City Hall Council Chambers if you want to comment at the meeting. City staff is recommending approval on this item.

A copy of the Tuesday meeting agenda and the conditional use permit review sheet provided by the City’s Case Manager is posted here. We will also be posting a better copy of the site plan ASAP.

In 2010, the neighborhood completed a survey on opinions about Weirdos. Those results were provided to the Commission with the review sheet. The validity of the survey has been called into question because there were not safeguards in place to ensure that the responses came from the membership.

If you submit comments back to the board or discuss on the google group over the weekend, we will attempt to compile those and submit them prior to Tuesday’s meeting.