Walnut Creek Trail at Balcones Park, Scribe Speeding Mitigation & July 4th Parade/BBQ

The Northern Walnut Creek Trail Project will be done in two phases. Phase I will begin in Walnut Creek Park and stop close to Metric. Phase II will begin at Metric and end in Balcones Park. Anticipated construction of Phase I, Jan. 2013 to Nov. 2013 and Phase II would be Nov. 2013 to Nov. 2014. This will allow the project to continue without losing the Federal dollars, yet gives Public Works time to come up with a better plan for Phase II to address concerns and secure the necessary permits to still get this built with the original vision of a 10 foot wide un-elevated concrete path.

This is a good compromise and we applaud the creativity of Public Works. Although we’ve waited a long time, this gives us the opportunity to get it right and we look forward to working together to get this trail built.

Our request for Speeding Mitigation on Scribe Drive did not meet the criteria for mitigation based on the speed study that was unfortunately conducted between Peddle Path and Spaniel Dr. We are in the process of appealing this decision because of where the study was conducted and if successful will be in round two of already approved funding. Also, at the suggestion of Phil Hammel, I’ve requested stop signs for a 3-way stop at Scribe and Forsythe along with a painted pedestrian crosswalk. We’ll see what happens.

I’ll do my best to keep folks apprised on all the above.

Lastly, please, please, please signup to help with our Ninth Annual July 4th Parade & BBQ here. You can help flyer beforehand or on the 4th; help with setup, serving, slicing BBQ or cleanup. This takes a lot of work to pull off, so any bit of help for any amount of time makes this event a success.