Appreciation of Dad’s – BBQ Extravaganza and General Meeting 2015

Howdy Walnuts,

We’ve rescheduled our Annual General Meeting for Saturday June 20th at 10:30 A.M in Kernan’s yard next to Balcones Park at 12105 Scribe Dr. The original meeting date was postponed due to weather concerns, that post is here, for your reference.

Most of the following is duplicitous;

Our three member board holds one year terms and our election will be held then. If you have an interest in running please let us know.

You should renew your $12 yearly dues via Paypal before the meeting if feasible. We’ll still accept cash, checks and credit cards the day of, but please arrive early. Reminder, only dues paying members can vote.

We have moved the meeting to Kernan’s yard this year since the library space we normally would hold the meeting at is not available. However this should make for a great meeting spot since it is walkable for most, it should be nice weather and lunch will be served from the grill. Please bring a chair or blanket if you can.

In 2014 WXNA again held a successful Independence Day, National Night Out, Neighborhood Garage Sale, Halloween Food Drive and our 3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt. We are grateful to all our volunteers who make these events possible!

At the meeting updates will be given on the progress of the Northern Walnut Creek Trail as well as the Current Milwood Library renovation. There’s always been discussion in the past about things folks would like to start doing or continue doing, so if you have any suggestions or would like to get something going, please let the board know.

Lastly, please encourage your neighbors and new Walnuts to join the google group and follow us on facebook.


WXNA Board

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Updates: Walnut Creek Trail in Balcones Park to be built as part of the Waters Park Relief Main Project & Balcones Pool hours

Howdy Walnuts,

We’ve been actively working with City staff and lobbying Council to get the Balcones Park portion of the Walnut Creek Trail built (and built right) and opposing the “proposed” reduced Balcones Park pool hours (see Walnut Crossing Greenbelt Trail Letter 2-10-2015.pdf, Balcones Pool 2015-5-29.pdf & Balcones Pool email.pdf).

The Balcones Trail has been folded into the Waters Park Relief Main project. This is a massive project to expand the pipe size of the existing wastewater system to support new development upstream, mostly on Parmer Lane. This project will be a major inconvenience for Walnut Crossing. The wastewater line construction will start and run from the private undeveloped property behind Canter Lane between Mopac and run between the properties at 3001 Canter and 3003 Leaf Lane. It will travel up Leaf Lane and out Scribe all the way to Adelphi. A large portion of the ball field will be the staging and storage area. There will be large equipment being used. I’ve posted the City’s 60% Drawings online here. It’s a large file.

This project is progressing slower then anticipated because the private property owner and the City could not agree to a dollar amount for the property easement. Council has approved litigation and the City is in the process of suing the owner for eminent domain (see document_5272ADED-D1C7-F39B-13228F2A78AE18F1.pdf & document_524FBAE1-B3BC-A426-9513DE525A37874C.pdf). It’s scheduled to begin next summer and anticipated to take a year and a half.

Public Works has scheduled a community meeting to present the project to the neighborhood on June 17th at 5:30 P.M. at Covenant Methodist Church (see Waters Park Relief Main Community Meeting AWU_FINAL.doc).

We’ll get our general meeting on the calendar for next month once the board connects this weekend. If you have any questions or concerns, give me a call, email or text. I’d be happy to converse or meet to discuss these or any issues you may have.


Kernan Hornburg
Walnut Crossing Neighborhood Association

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