WXNA Update

Howdy Walnuts,

Sorry for the delay. The new board is getting our bearings straight; updating our registration with the city and getting up to speed on issues affecting our community.

The WXNA 2012 General Meeting Minutes have been posted on the website here. Thanks to Susan Andrews for producing them so quickly and wag of the finger to myself, Kernan, for taking two weeks to post them.

All motions were passed and the updated bylaws are on the website here.

When we have news or more information on the Park Trail Fiasco, Scribe speeding issue, Adelphi sidewalks, mudding on Adelphi, Weirdos outdoor music permit and other issues we’ll share with the membership as soon as we can. When the new board holds our first quarterly meeting I’ll be proposing that we post all correspondence from the city on our website forum.

Those with an interest, special interest of any neighborhood concern or wanting to volunteer are encouraged to email the board here.

More to follow soon on the tentative Neighborhood Garage Sale date of April 28th and the July 4th volunteer signup page will be up on the website shortly.

Happy St. Patty’s Day Weekend! Stay safe and let’s keep this “The Best Little Neighborhood in Northwest Austin to Live”.